Nuclear weapons- Is it all worth it?

I truly believe that nuclear bombs are one of the worst inventions man could create. They are created with the purpose of destruction. Nuclear arms proliferation was accelerated during the cold war between Russia and America. Both the countries wanted to prove that they had more power than the other, even though they had no need for it, but just to balance each other out as so called super powers. What I feel, is that every human being has the right to live. Nobody can take ‘life’ away from you, as you or me were not the ones to bless them with it. Nuclear weapons just destroy the human race, which is not right. Why can’t everybody just live in harmony together and respect each other’s differences? Nuclear weapons just create hate against people and cause fatal diseases. One such example is the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attack which is notoriously known all over the world. This happened when America dropped an atomic bomb on these two neighbouring cities situated in Japan during WWII in 1945. The disaster caused people to just vaporise in seconds! It took countless lives and injured even more due to radiation borne diseases. Generations were genetically destroyed. Believe me, the effect is still in the air, after all these years. Till now, incurable genetic reactions take place, cursing the future generations in Japan. People face lung cancer, some were born deaf, and some have lost their precious eye sights as well. If one asks the present, innocent citizens of America about this brutal act done by their government in the past, their response is “We couldn’t believe what happened in the past. Even though we weren’t a part of it, we feel equally guilty. The thought that our ancestors have permanently destroyed a Japanese generation is nerve-wrecking.”

What I want everyone to know, is that we should abolish the use of nuclear weapons throughout the world. It is just a waste of our hard-earned money which the governments use to create these weapons. I know that the normal citizens of any country are not a part of it, but indirectly, we all are the ones who are paying for manufacturing these weapons. I recently finished going through a chapter on nuclear weapons in school. I could not comprehend the reason as to why they were created in the first place. I feel pretty disgusted when I hear about the uncountable deaths due to nuclear blasts in the past. Speaking of this, I think that we, the noble children, are the future generation that is going to now take over the world. Our ancestors have just not thought about the difference between right and wrong. Now, it is our rightful duty to save the world, and rid it from the nuclear mess we find each country trying to develop. So, dear friends of mine who are reading this blog right now, please help save the world. I hope you will inculcate values of peace and harmony in people around you. Let’s stop all war and make the world a better place for not only us but also the future generations to come.

Thank you for reading. Until next time…

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Author: Aria Saxena

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