Social Media: a boon or bane?

I wonder how a phone was made,

I wonder how Social Media came,

I wonder when people got so hooked on to it,

I wonder if their lives are the still the same.

I go to the park everyday,

But am no longer astonished to find,

That couch potatoes don’t play at all,

But prefer to get easily blind!

It’s weird how Fortnite just took the applause,

And left the good books to cry,

coz’ today the world is so virtual or online,

and people get depressed and die.

Victims of dreadful, cyberbullying

Are so easily tormented by jerks,

And believe so naivly in whatever they say,

that in their mind this fear lurks.

“Am I not good enough?”, and “How am I looking?”

These are the two main questions today,

C’mon guys! Believe in yourself,

Are you really afraid to have your OWN say?

And then come these stupid abbreviations,

FOMO and JOMO the devils itself,

That we love whatever is there for others,

And forget to appreciate ourself.

Cracking relationships and anger on loved ones,

Is all because of this,

We waste so much of our precious time everyday,

That’s why so much in life we miss!

So, as a well-wisher,

I urge all of you,

Please moderate your usage of social media,

And tell others too.

I promise this will change your life,

And make you feel cheerful once more,

You will start living in the present moment,

And not let virtuality take o’er.

Thank you for reading this poem,

And please share it with your family and friends,

Let’s create a REAL world once more,

And set new, original trends.

~ Aria Saxena

Author: Aria Saxena

Musician🎤 Dancer💃 Writer📝 Swimmer🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️

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